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Stop Scrolling.
Start Living.

Make it easy to stay off your phone

and focus on what matters most.

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Why Us

It's not rocket science,
It's behavioral science.

Present incorporates proven methods of habit formation, to make it easy (and fun) for you to put down your phone, and stay Present.

Stay Motivated 💪

Set goals, win challenges, and compete against others, all through putting down your phone.

Be Aware 🧘‍♂️

Be reminded when you are scrolling longer than you want.

Learn from the Pros 🧠

Get pro tips from the experts every day, on how to change your screen time habits for the better.

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Our users love us.


"Best App for Better Habits & Productivity"

I almost never write reviews….BUT I’ve tried multiple other methods to reduce screen time and none worked. The punish yourself method of screen limits didn’t help. This app encourages you to reduce time by making you aware and encouraging you through streaks and competitions. I’ve been able to dedicate so much more time to productive habits and free time thanks to this great app. Download it and encourage your friends and family to compete with you!

- Run Fanatic 2037303


"Definitely recommend!"

This app has helped my productivity so much! I work from home and it is extremely helpful and keeps me on track. I love the group feature because I love trying to beat my friends and acquaintances in lowest screen time. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to track their screen time, or keep themselves on track.

- ambzz012


"This app is NECESSARY"

People need to download this app if they want to see their screen time drop dramatically. I went from 6 hours a day on screen time to just 2.5 hours a days this app is so helpful and I highly recommend people download this. This app has also helped my mental health in many ways, most importantly the self respect. Please help make this app more available and share it with everyone you know!!!

- im mad as $#%@



This app is really cool. I love how it lets you compete with your friends for money and the way it notifies you about screen time usage. Definitely give it a try if you want to reduce your screen time and have fun doing it.

- Prometheus



This helped me become way more mindful of how much time I was spending on my phone. Since downloading I have been far less addicted to gaming on my device!

- Waterbuffalo716


"Easy, effective app that’s also fun to use!"

I really struggle with screen time, even when I’m super aware of it! I used to average 4-5 hours a day, now with Present I’m below 3 on a daily basis, sometimes even below two. I LOVE that it notifies me of time increments spent, and gives me warning when I’m getting close to hours spent on my phone. All around, the app is super useful of making me more mindful about my screen time. Even as I write this review 😂 I’m still working on inviting my friends to compete with me (which I find super cool) and getting my family on board as well!

- Stb115131


"Screen time is way down"

Since I started using this app, my screen time has dropped over 33%. This has been the first impactful screen control app that I’ve ever found. 18 day streak and counting!

- chi5mdude

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